Let’s imagine if archaeologists of the future would look at our time. Apart from an economic system that revolves around consuming and producing in a context of globalization, what would they see if we zoom-in in our production methods ?

5x3 is an investigation of different production methods in the geographical context of Istanbul. As human culture is shown through production, how to preserve heritage and identity through the rise of automated manufacturing?
The project explores the value of merging materially and conceptually different methods of production, by asking to a craftsman, workshop and factory to produce based on the similar parameter of 5 min/euros/g.

“We, the objects, have been created within a system that have for first intention to show the human production as part of the culture of a geographical place, a city, Istanbul.
A city composed by different production modes in different scale, by people having completely different culture or origin. The entire production process is not carrying under the same roof, products enters and goes out to the next factory. This vertically disintegrated system allows flexibility and the location of the industries is a crucial way to understand the city. First, we were produced regarding a 5 min, 5 euros, 500 grammes parameter by craftsmen, workshop and factories in order to create a unique production line.
Based on this 5 production, we are now the result of an archive of object and shape. Brushes, lampshade, piece of stairs, are all precious and valuable artefact legalized in the same line. 
As a next step we have been extracted, our print was taken out into molds by a designer. Then, as applied before, we have been cast in 5min. We are now utensils, cups, grinders, strainer, we are the beginning of a function, a modular system, a detail, or fully embrace one.  This is one fragment of the system, what if we swap the city, the locations of the productions, the designer, how would we look like ?”

Design and concept : Lauriane Heim

in collaboration with :

Ismail his
Artin Usta

Workshop :
Omer Faruk Turgut
Zen ceramic
Elmas Firca

Developed with the Stigmergy family studio 

Eindhoven design academy, 2018 
Master Social Design