Fear of death : 
Somatic actions in a western context

The starting point of this research is fear, and especially fear of a natural phenomena: death. It obviously involves our being, so it is logical that the body or the soma is its’ center point. From a spectrum of gestures and action rather than a mental/abstract phenomena.
This paper first argues the fear of death as being the result of a social construction. How fear of death has created a somatic denial, control and confrontation in a western context. To bring clarity in this vast and complex topic, this thesis is focused on death before it arrives, in others words how western societies are not preparing us to die and it affects us. It brings embodiment references from others cultures by reflecting on past and present schemes.
From the singular to the plural, my personal experience as a stretcher porter has been the catalyst of this current research, in this sense each chapter begins with a short personal reflection opening to a broader analysis. Moreover it is proposing different works acknowledging the phenomena of death through the use of the body within the field of art and design.

Thesis research :
Lauriane Heim 

Design Academy Eindhoven project, 2019